This will be our first Photo Challenge and will be on the subject of Low Light Photography. As we outlined at the AGM, the aim of these challenges is for as many members as possible to take and show photographs in a non-competitive forum. We hope that members who don’t often show their work will want to take part in these challenges.
We suggest that members take some photographs in the town centre from about 7.30 until about 8.30, you might like to meet by the museum and perhaps work in pairs.
You will need:

a camera! Do have it set-up to take small jpegs 
remote release, or have the camera set-up on a timer delay
a flash gun, if you have one
a plastic bag, if it is wet, to keep your camera dry
your memory card- make sure this is empty
Aim to take 3-5 photographs. Then return to the hall for downloading onto our laptop and a cup of tea/coffee. After this break we will look at everyone’s images and talk about them.
We expect that most data cards will either be SD cards or CompactFlash. If you have a different type of card please let Chris know at cjgib62 AT or bring a suitable card reader on Thursday.
These challenges are an innovation for us, and there will be several more over the year, so we hope this will be well supported.