Last week, we had a very enjoyable and instructive meeting on taking still life photographs. For this week, please bring a selection of your images for  showing and receiving constructive feedback. We found this format extremely successful with the first two “challenge” evenings and hope to extend its frequency in the future.
In the other part of the evening, we will be discussing photographic genres in small groups. So if you have any advice/hints, questions that you feel would be useful to raise, please give this some thought. If you want to bring along some images, you might consider prints or images on your phone. We will probably not be using the projector.
On 22nd November we have the next round of our prints competitions, and prints need to be brought to next week’s meeting. You can enter up to two colour prints and two mono prints on any subjects. If you are entering the Improvers’ League, do please make this clear with your title. If you cannot get your prints to next Thursday’s meeting please leave them at Jon Orme’s house on Friday.