Digital Images 2010

Digital Competition Results

All images are © copyright with the Abingdon Camera Club member who took them. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

September 2010  Judge: Terry Coffey

Digital Section - Theme "Time"

David Illingworth - Five Past Seven

Andrew Bax - A Corner in Christchurch

July 2010  Judge: Alan Taberer

Digital Section - Theme "There's Something in the Air Tonight"

Fred Wickens - Biscay Weather

Michael Chown - Before the Rain

Jon Orme - ISS over Abingdon

May 2010 Judge: Sandy Watson

Digital Section - Theme "Architecture"

Steve Oakes - Twin Towers

Jon Orme - New Ashmolean Balcony

Felicity Jenkins - Yokohama

Chris Gibbins - Skyscraper

March 2010  Judge: Ken Lyndon

Digital Section - Theme "Colour"

Lynda Pasquire Winter Colour

Chris Gibbins Spice Melange

Steve Oakes Colour Wash

Mike Kosniowski Pheasant

David Illingworth Orange Hot Poker

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