League Competition Results

Here you can see the results of our Competitions:

Results for the League Competition 2010

Winners of the Abbey Shield for Digital Projected Image:  Steve Oakes and David Illingworth

Winner of the Jack Lodge Shield for Colour Prints:              Shelagh Roberts

Winner of the Maurice Baker Shield for Mono Prints:         Andrew Bax


Image of the Year 2010

Projected Image Slide of the Year 2010:  Peter Phillips   Golitha Falls

Peter Phillips - Golitha Falls

Colour Print of the Year 2010:  Steve Oakes  Where did they go?

Steve Oakes - Where did they go?

Mono Print of the Year 2010:  Andrew Bax  Splash of Sunlight

Andrew Bax - Splash of Sunlight


Three on a Theme Projected Image:        Patsy Jennings – Patterns in Nature


Three on a Theme Colour Prints:             Shelagh Roberts


Three on a Theme Mono Prints:              Chris Gibbins – Naves


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Competition Rules can be found here.

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