Digital Images 2012

Digital Competition Results 2012

All images are © copyright with the Abingdon Camera Club member who took them.



September 2012 Theme: Broken      Judged by our own members


Michael Chown - That breaks the ice

Jon Orme - Broken seas



June 2012 Theme: The Four Seasons      Judge: Ken Lyndon

Peter Phillips - The Quintessential Spring Flower

Jon Orme - Springtime on Loch Lomond

Shelagh Roberts - Winter Walk

Jenny Priscott - Kirkstone Pass

Peter Phillips - Red, Gold and Blue


April 2012 Theme: Motion          Judge: Gordon Roberts

Fred Wickens - On Patrol

Shelagh Roberts - Sarah in Spray

Chris Gibbins - Dragon Boats

John Whittle - NYC Taxi

Shelagh Roberts - Alien in Town

Steve Oakes - The Memory of Water


February 2012 Theme: Symmetry          Judge: Roger McCallum

Andrew Bax - Pulling a Face

Jon Orme - Uncle Ho's Front Door

Chris Turner - Diamond 9

Chris Gibbins - Silhou-ymmetry

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