Digital Images 2013-2014

Digital Competition Results 2013-2014


All images are © copyright with the Abingdon Camera Club member who took them.


February 2013 Theme:  The Letter K      Judge Sandy Watson

Peter Wiseman - 43 Carat Gold Knocker

John Whittle - Kindlelight

David Illingworth - Kings College Chapel Cambridge

Steve Oakes - Kea, Acting Typically

Mike Kosniowski - Kestrel

Shelagh Roberts - Kings


April 2013 Theme:  Repetition      Judge John Credland

Jon Orme - Rhino's Retreat

Marilyn Farr - Repeating Grey Shapes

David Illingworth - Seagulls

Felicity Jenkins - Sandhill Cranes

Fred Wickens - Lincoln Cathedral

Shelagh Roberts - Fishy

Cherry Brooker - The ring cycle

Mike Kosniowski - Roar

July 2013 Theme:  Water      Judge Roger McCullum


Fred Wickens - Windy Day by the Sea

Chris Gibbins - Downpour

Peter Phillips - River Fowey

Marilyn Farr - Bowood House Waterfall

Steve Oakes - Splash

Rachel Robertson - Splash

Steve Oakes - Gulfoss Falls

September 2013 Theme:  Landscapes      Judged by our members


Gwynant Valley - David Illingworth

Connor Pass - Chris Gibbins

Sunset over Killary Harbour - Steve Oakes

Before the rain - Chris Turner

Lincolnshire Wolds - Fred Wickens

February 2014 Theme:  Natural History      Judge Roger Alan Taberer


Gannet at Bempton Cliffs - Sue Lakie

Dianthus superbus - Chris Gibbins

Time to be moving on - Jon Orme

Running dog - Peter Delehar

White-faced Heron - John Whittle

Odd one out - Fred Wickens

Common Greenshank - Sue Lakie

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