Mono Prints 2013-2014

Mono Print Competition Results (Open Subject)

All images are © copyright with the Abingdon Camera Club member who took them.


April 2014    Judge:   Ken Lyndon

Steve Oakes - Clouds over Thrupp Lake

Peter Delehar - Waterfall New Zealand

Steve Oakes - Killary Harbour Looking West


Peter Phillips - Harley

Marilyn Farr - Light Well

Marilyn Farr - Shedding a Modern Light on Ancient Artefacts

Chris Gibbins - Alone in Alsace

Jon Orme - Winter Sun - Abingdon Bridge

October 2013    Judge:   Terry Pollard

Chris Gibbins - This is not Abbey Road

Mike Kosniowski - Yorkshire Terrier

Chris Gibbins - Reflections on a man in a bowler hat


May 2013    Judge:   Colin Harrison

Felicity Kenkins - Rockface in Mist

Chris Turner - Lowry Museum

Cherry Brooker - Dandelion

 March 2013    Judge:   Micki Aston

Cherry Brooker - Graffiti

Chris Gibbins - Belfast Titanic

Felicity Jenkins - By the Sea






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