2015-16 Colour Print Results

All images are © copyright with the Abingdon Camera Club member who took them.

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October 2015 Theme:  Open

Judged by Chris Forster


Abandoned Dining Room by Manuela Sprink

Abandoned Dining Room – Manuela Sprink

Peach Roses by Shelagh Roberts 

Peach Roses – Shelagh Roberts

Poppy Opening by Shelagh Roberts

Poppy Opening – Shelagh Roberts


Puffin - Mike Kosniowski

Puffin – Mike Kosniowski


Cactus Flower by Peter Phillips

Cactus Flower – Peter Phillips


January 2016 Theme:  Open

Judged by Alan Taberer


Seagull - Peter Delahar

Seagull – Peter Delahar

Green Iguana - Dave Buckland

Green Iguana – Dave Buckland

Lighthouse - Paul Sherlock

Lighthouse – Paul Sherlock

Outdoor Pool - Dave Buckland

Outdoor Pool – Dave Buckland

The Beast - Steve Oakes

The Beast – Steve Oakes

Death - Dave Buckland

Death – Dave Buckland


March 2016 Theme:  Open

Judged by Alan Copeland


Walk in the Garden - Shelagh Roberts

Walk in the Garden – Shelagh Roberts

Pleasure from Small Things - Dave Buckland

Pleasure from Small Things – Dave Buckland

Orchid - Peter Phillips

Orchid – Peter Phillips

Abandoned Garden - Marilyn Farr

Abandoned Garden – Marilyn Farr

Teal - Mike Kosniowski

Teal – Mike Kosniowski

Orchid - Dave Buckland

Orchid – Dave Buckland

Iris - Shelagh Roberts

Iris – Shelagh Roberts

June 2016 – Image of the Year Competition

Judged by Shelagh Roberts

Chilly Start - Steve Quinton

Chilly Start – Steve Quinton

Time Machinery - John Simmonds

Time Machinery – John Simmonds

Linnet - Mike Kosniowski

Linnet – Mike Kosniowski

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