Some tutorials on how to do various things with your images.

These tutorials on using image editing software such as Photoshop, Elements, etc., may be downloaded and saved to your hard disk.

They are in pdf format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.  Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

RESIZING IMAGES – **Updated November 2016** Shows how to resize images for competition projection using Photoshop, Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Picasa, GIMP, Paint.net and Mac specific instructions.

ADDING A WATERMARK – Add a watermark to your image to protect your copyright.  Photoshop and Elements.


Understanding the DSLR – 1 Exposure;     2 Metering

Please contact Chris Gibbins at cjgib62(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like a copy of the presentations in pdf format.

If you wish to try out the camera simulation – see below, or visit camerasim.com 

You can download the assignments for this here: Photography Assignments – Exposure        and       Photography Assignments – Metering

If you have some questions to ask, or comments to make on your images, then why not upload them to Flickr and

link them to the Club’s Flickr Group.   There, members can see and discuss them and we can all benefit from our

collective experiences.

Note that you will need to join Flickr and then join the Club Group to do this.  See the Flickr page.


Here is the camera simulation – by kind permission of Jon Arnold, camerasim.com.  Press the  button for help,

and check out Jon’s web site – there’s loads more information there.


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