Photo Competition 2014 – Results



Abingdon Camera Club Annual Photography Competition 2014


1st Prize £50, 2nd Prize £20, 3rd Prize £10 and Highly Commended Certificates

 Categories: Adult and Under 16

 Closed Saturday 20th September 2014


Congratulations to all of our winners!!


1st Prize: Michael Fouracre with Buskers
2nd Prize: Peter Phillips with A View to a Kill
3rd Prize: Michael Fouracre with Head to Head 

In addition, the following entries were awarded Highly Commended Certificates:
Pawel Majewski for The Big Wheel
Martin Gulliver for Poppy
Peter Phillips for Red Arrows Minus One


Michael Fouracre - Buskers

Michael Fouracre – Buskers

Peter Phillips - A View to a Kill

Peter Phillips – A View to a Kill

Michael Fouracre - Head to Head

Michael Fouracre – Head to Head



1st Prize: Stan Majewski with The Mystic Scot
2nd Prize: Stan Majewski with Once we were young
3rd Prize: Ben Long with Four Spot Chaser


Stan Majewski - the Mystic Scot

Stan Majewski – the Mystic Scot

Stan Majewski – Once we were young

Ben Long - Four Spot Chaser

Ben Long – Four Spot Chaser


Copyright of images remain with the author.  




It is with regret that we were unable to obtain digital versions of the winning entries from the competition held in 2013.

However, the winning entries were as follows:


1st PRIZE:  Chris Gibbins “Back Streets of Naples”
2nd PRIZE: Gaynor RobertsShake and Splash”
3rd PRIZE: Michael FouracreMisty Morning over Didcot”


Michael Fouracre “Wreck of the SS Nornen”
Rachel RobertsonThe Old Wall”
Clint LoweA Moment to Reflect”
Colin Douglas “County Hall, Abingdon”
Tony Shields “A Pair of Old Cans”
Felicity JenkinsUnaware”


1st PRIZE: Joseph SummersHome Sweet Home”
2nd PRIZE: Billy DavisTyre Track Time”
3rd PRIZE: Billy DavisMiss Nosey”


Stan Majewski “Two Skies”







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