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Abingdon Photography Competition 2016 – Winners announced

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!


1st Prize: Pawel Majewski
2nd Prize: Chris Deeney
3rd Prize: Peter Phillips


1st Prize: Chloe Newman
2nd Prize: Stan Majewski
3rd Prize: Elizabeth McGinnity


Click HERE to view the winning images


Next Meeting – Thursday 16th June – Outdoor Event – Cowley Road

This Thursday evening the Club will be out taking pictures for this competition. For those not familiar with the rules, the idea is to take a panel of five images, printed at 6” x 4” and mounted on a single card. You may enter as many panels of five as you like. The pictures need to be taken in the same area and under similar lighting conditions, hence the challenge is to spot the possible images and to do your best with whatever the weather allows!

The place we have chosen for this is the Cowley Road area in Oxford, and everyone is invited to be there from say 6 until the light fades. If, for whatever reason you cannot make the Thursday, you can still enter by taking your pictures in the same area on an evening a few days either side of the 16th, as long as the weather conditions are similar. There will be good opportunities for street photography and all sorts of architecture. For those going by car, there is a car park behind the Tesco store on the Cowley Road.

The competition itself will take place in September.

Finally, the hall is being used as a polling station for the Euro referendum, so our AGM will now take place on the 30th June.

Photography Exhibition now on!

The exhibition is taking place now in the Community Space, in the Bury Street precinct and will be on until the weekend.


This exhibition comprises the winning images from our recent competition and also one image from each entrant.


Do come along and have a look!!

Next Meeting – Image of the Year Competition – 9th June

The next meeting is the culmination of everyone’s photography over the past year- the Image of the Year, judged by Shelagh.
There are three sections, two for prints and one for PDIs.  Each member may enter a maximum of two digital images, two colour prints and two monochrome prints. They can be on any subject.  All images submitted must represent new work, preferably taken during the last 12 months. Images should NOT have been used in any competition from more than a year ago, nor should they have previously been used in an event organised by a PAGB affiliated body, other than during the current competition year.
Please send your titles of prints to Jon j.orme@virgin.net  by Wednesday making it clear whether prints are colour or mono. As usual, if you can get prints to his house, 4, by Thursday afternoon it does help. Please email your resized PDIs to Chris cjgib62@gmail.com , again by Wednesday.

Next Meeting – May 12th – Mix and Match Three Way Competition

Our next meeting is the Mix and Match competition against Witney and Wantage. We held an internal version of this a few weeks ago which generated over 200 images. We have now selected 50 of the best for this event. The judge is Alan Copeland who was with us a few weeks ago and always enters into the spirit of this competition, so it should be a very entertaining evening. As you will be aware, the judge may be “open to persuasion” if there are sufficient voices to make the case. The other clubs will also be doing their bit too!

Next Meeting – April 28th – Three on a Theme Competition

This competition is for both PDI and print entries.

For the prints, you can mount the three on a single piece of card, or have three separate prints. If the latter, these must be labelled on the back with the position in which should be placed, i.e.. Left, Centre and Right.

The set should have an overall title. You can enter up to two sets of prints. Please send your titles to Jon Orme  j.orme AT virgin.net by Wednesday.

For the PDIs, please email your images to Peter phphillips97 AT hotmail.com by Monday. Again, label each image with its position (L.C.R). Each image will be displayed separately, and then as a set. The organisation of this is quite time consuming, hence the earlier deadline. Please give each set a title. You can enter up to two sets of PDIs.

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