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Thursday 20th September – EGM, Rose Bowl Selection & 6×4 Judging

This meeting will be mainly concerned with selecting images for this season’s Rose Bowl competitions. What is needed are the best images you have taken in the last two years (and weren’t used in last season’s Rose Bowl!) In particular do look at your prints and remember to include any that did well.  It would be very helpful if you could send these to Peter Phillips (phphillips97 AT hotmail.com)  well before the 20th. 
Also on the 20th, in the tea break, we will have the judging for the 6X4 competition. Your panel/s can be brought in on the evening.
Prior to these events on the 20th, we will have an Extraordinary General meeting in order to make a change to the Club’s constitution.
The relevant parts of the Constitution are below:

8) Annual General Meeting

Once in each calendar year the Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of the Club, which all members shall be entitled to attend, for the purpose of:

  • receiving the Annual Report of the Committee and the annual audited statement of accounts;

  • appointing Honorary Officers of the Club;

  • accepting resignations of the Committee;

  • appointing a qualified auditor or auditors;

  • making recommendations to the Committee and

  • voting on proposals to amend this Constitution in accordance with clause 13 hereof whenever necessary.

13) Alterations to the Constitution

Any proposal to alter this Constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary of the Club not less than fourteen days before the date before the date of the meeting at which it is first to be considered. An alteration will require the approval of both:

a) a simple majority of members of the Committee present at a meeting and

b) a two-thirds majority of members of the Club present at a General Meeting.

Under paragraph 13, the Committee have agreed that the constitution should be amended so that we are not obliged to employ a qualified auditor to go through our finances.

So we propose to replace the phrase above, in red italics, with the phrase

  • appointing an independent monitor of the Club’s finances 

We need a two-thirds majority in a General Meeting to make this change.


We hope that this simple change meets with everyone’s approval and is passed.

Next Meeting – Thursday 13th September – PDI Competition

On Thursday, we have the first PDI competition of the season to be judged by Jeff Lawrence. As usual there will be two competitions, League and Improvers’.


Reminder that for league competitions we need images no later than Friday of the week before each competition.



Next Meeting – Thursday 6th September

As usual, there will be two sessions and in the first half we hope that many of you will bring along, on a USB stick, some jpeg images you have taken this summer and say a few words about each. This session isn’t too serious, and easy “breaking in”.
After the break we want all members who won a cup or shield last year to bring along their winning entries, again probably on a stick, and say a bit of why they took the image. It would be really good if they could show the original image and describe what post-processing took place to get the final successful image! The aim is to inspire all of us for the year ahead!
Advanced Notice. As we have moved to weekly meetings arrangements for entering competitions have had to change. So please note that the following meeting is our first PDI competition. For this competition only, please email your images to Peter Philips – phphillips97@hotmail.com – but note that this must be done by next Friday 7th September. This arrangement will apply to all our competitions; i.e. entries must be in by the preceding Friday to each competition. As usual you can enter two jpeg images on any subject. They should be resized to 1400×1050 pixels, details of how to do this are here. We want many more members to take part in competitions, especially the Improvers’ League, and if you want your images entered for this competition please let Peter know this when you send your entries.
Also, the following week 13th September, we will be making the long list for our entries to this year’s Rose Bowl Competition. So please consider what images you have got from the last year or two that might be up for consideration. As I commented at the AGM I’m sure many members have stunning images that we don’t always see, as well as the ones that are entered for competitions. So don’t hold back, and prepare to let us see your best.
Finally, don’t forget your subscription fee. For £70 and no further costs, or £40 plus £2 per meeting, you can enjoy Thursday evenings and develop your photographic skills over the coming year.

Programme 2018/19

The new season’s programme is now available on the website here 

You can also download a PDF copy.

Next Meeting – Thursday 5th July – Annual General Meeting

Our final meeting of the year, and as always very important, is our AGM – your opportunity to express views on the activities of the past year and help shape those of next year. As usual we start at 8pm
Minutes of the last AGM
Treasurer’s Report 
Programme Secretary’s Report
Print Competition Secretary’s Report 
DPI Competition Secretary’s Report
Chairman’s Report
Presentation of awards 
Elections for the Committee. 
Other matters- as raised

In previous years the Committee has remained largely unchanged, but we will have lost two members and we also could benefit from some fresh input of ideas. Please do consider whether you might contribute a little of your time.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Next Meeting – Thursday 21st June – Image of the Year Competitions

All members can enter up to two images each in the Colour Print, Mono Print and PDI competitions.
Images should be ideally have been taken in the last 12 months and may have been entered for competitions in that time. The full rules are on the website. Shelagh will give her comments on each image and then all members will be able to vote on their favourite images.
Please email your PDI images to Chris Gibbins by Tuesday and send your print titles to Jon Orme, again by Tuesday.
We hope to put on another exhibition of prints at 35 Ock Street in September, so if you can leave your prints at the end of the evening for selection for this, that would be helpful.
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